Top 10 Best VPNs of 2024
Pick one and enjoy internet fully

Are you in the market for the best VPN? With so many options available, we understand how difficult it can be to find a solid provider that offers bang for your buck.

There is definitely a lot to consider from encryption to protocols, safety to performance, and prices too. But, we have saved you the trouble and tested a ton of providers to find the best in the game. We settled for ten VPNs that we feel are worth a shot.

So, take your pick and enjoy safe browsing!

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VPNs are both super easy and complicated softwares. We run in-depth tests of their performance in order to see how good they actually are. 

Rate VPNs

Testing and reviewing the VPN providers is one thing, but it's not enough. We then rate them in order for you to easily know if they are good or not. 


Once we've done all this, the last thing we have to do is compare the different providers we've tested and issue our ranking. 

Our Monkey's favorite 10 VPN providers

Picking a good Virtual Private Network (VPN) is no easy feat.

Our monkey totally gets it! Therefore, he set out to do the grunge work so you won’t have to.

After testing everything from speeds, security, reliability, server coverage, streaming, and torrenting performance, he picked ten of the most worthy contenders.

Without further ado, here are the 10 best VPN services you can use in 2024.

1. ExpressVPN

The best overall VPN in 2024


Speed without VPN*
Speed with US server
Speed with UK server

*we were located in the US during the tests


From 6.67$/month

94 countries

+3000 servers



Money-back guarantee

Pros and Cons

With its blazing-fast speeds and strong encryption, it isn’t surprising that ExpressVPN is a crowd-favorite among privacy-conscious torrenters and streaming buffs. If price is not an issue, this is an exceptional privacy app for anyone to whom online security is a priority.

What’s great about ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is our top choice and for good reason. This provider is super serious about online security, a feat many Virtual Private Networks do not live up to. It boasts advanced security features including zero-knowledge DNS, network lock kill switch, split testing, and trusted server technology.



Many providers use third-party DNS servers, which leaves your online activity prone to manipulation. By using its own DNS servers, ExpressVPN firmly protects your online activities from potential vulnerabilities. In addition to this, its newest TrustedServer technology ensures that your data is never stored on its servers and such data would, therefore, be unavailable to hackers and spies.



Don’t just take our word for it though. The reputable management firm, PwC, recently conducted a security audit of this provider. The results of the audit confirmed that ExpressVPN does not store users’ data and that their servers are completely secure.



Other than that, this provider boasts 3,000+ servers in 160 locations, giving you plenty of options to connect to the best servers in your target country. The combination of a vast network plus zero bandwidth limits makes this the fastest service we have tested.


If you are looking for a reliable app for streaming, ExpressVPN will not disappoint. Not only is this app built to bypass the toughest geo-restrictions; the lightning-fast speeds mean you can stream your favorite shows with no buffering at all.

What’s not so great about ExpressVPN

Even though ExpressVPN scores major points, we are a bit bummed that it does not have adblocking, a feature that some of its close competitors offer. To be sure, this app does protect against advertiser tracking but it will not block ads from showing up on the websites you visit.



The company says they are considering adding this feature but for now, we have to make do without it. The second little weakness is its price which is a bit higher than the competition. Yet, if you want quality and are willing to pay a bit more to have THE best VPN of 2024, it’s totally worth it !

2. NordVPN

The best for ease of use


Speed without VPN*
Speed with US server
Speed with UK server


From 3.49$/month

59 countries

+5200 servers



Money-back guarantee

Pros and Cons

NordVPN outshines its peers by offering advanced security features to ensure complete anonymity and safety online. This provider did suffer a security breach but we’re are still ranking it at the top as it was swift to tie any loose ends to eliminate future risks.

What’s great about NordVPN

NordVPN has plenty of good things going. This Panama-based provider has the standard security features we have come to expect in a premium service. These include double DNS leak protection, kill switch, CyberSec for protection against malware, and onion over DNS for protection when using the Tor network. 


As you might notice, this provider goes above and beyond to offer an extra layer of protection whether you are browsing, torrenting, or streaming.


In addition to this, NordVPN boasts a wide network of servers numbering 5000+ so finding high-speed servers in just about any location in the world won’t be a problem. Impressively, a huge number of these servers are dedicated to P2P file sharing, making this one of our top recommended providers for torrents.


If you are a streaming buff, you will love NordVPN. Its fast speeds and the SmartPlay DNS make it one of the very few software that can consistently bypass Netflix and other geo-restricted sites.

Lastly, this app has an ad-blocker, a much-welcomed feature if you want to be done with annoying pop-up ads. Considering all these perks, it is easy to see why NordVPN ranks as one of our top picks.

What’s not so great about NordVPN

Recently, NordVPN admitted that in 2018, hackers accessed one of its servers, a breach that exposed users’ IP addresses. As expected, this raised a lot of concern but the provider says it has since secured all its servers to prevent such as an incident from happening again.


Notably, an independent audit conducted on all NordVPN apps found a more secure environment that is now less vulnerable to security breaches. This is definitely a step in the right direction and it should ease any concerns about the reliability of this provider.

3. CyberGhost

The best for streaming


Speed without VPN*
Speed with US server
Speed with UK server


From 2.75$/month

90 countries

+5800 servers



Money-back guarantee

Pros and Cons

CyberGhost gives you the best of both worlds—premium features at pocket-friendly prices. Many love it because it has no restrictions on what you can do and for its simplicity.

What’s great about CyberGhost

There is a lot to love about CyberGhost. 


For one, this is our favorite low-cost premium service and it is worth checking out if you are on a budget. If you are on the fence, you can take advantage of the one-day free trial before committing to a plan.


Anyone who is new to VPNs will appreciate CyberGhost’s easy-to-use interface. Other than that, this provider packs all the standard security features including military-grade encryption, a built-in kill switch, and DNS leak protection to keep your online activities completely safe and secure. They also have a very strict no-logs policy and their location in privacy-friendly Romania is definitely a plus.


In comparison to other top providers, this one is a great contender where device connection limit is concerned. While most premium privacy apps support a maximum of five devices simultaneously, CyberGhost allows up to seven devices.

Another reason why we are ranking it in our top three is that it boasts a very large network of servers with some specifically optimized for streaming and torrenting. If P2P file sharing and streaming is a big deal for you, this VPN will not disappoint. You can bypass everything from BBC, HBO Go, Hulu, and Netflix. We also love that it comes with both malware and an ad blocker to keep annoying pop-ups at bay.


All in all, CyberGhost scores major points for their affordability, reliability in bypassing geo-blocked sites, and their range of security features that ensure online safety at all times.

What’s not so great about CyberGhost

The main deal-breaker we found with CyberGhost was its struggle to work in some highly-censored countries, like China. Even though this app can unblock geo-restricted streaming sites in most countries in the world, there are still some that resist it. Obviously, this is not the best VPN if bypassing geo-blocks is your #1 priority.


Even though we said above that CyberGhost offers very affordable prices, this is true only for long term subscriptions. If you want to go for 1 month or 12 months, it’s gonna be relatively expensive.

4. Surfshark

The best cheap VPN


Speed without VPN*
Speed with US server
Speed with UK server


From 1.99$/month

63 countries

+1700 servers



Money-back guarantee

Pros and Cons

If you are looking for a VPN that will not break the bank but will still consistently unblock Netflix, Surfshark has got your back. While the speeds are nothing crazy, this ranks as a decent multipurpose VPN for the average user.

What’s great about Surfshark

For a low-cost service, Surfshark does make a good overall impression and is a great pick if you are in the market for a privacy application for everyday use.


In addition to the basic security features that are the hallmark of a reliable provider, Surfshark also boasts other advanced features. These include camouflage mode to hide your VPN usage from your ISP, Whitelister to bypass the VPN when using certain sites or apps, and CleanWeb to keep malware away.


Surfshark also ranks at the top for unblocking geo-restricted sites. Each time we tested it, we were able to get past Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon blocks. It also does a good job of supporting P2P file sharing and keeps your torrenting activities completely private.


Another notable plus with this provider is that you can run it on an unlimited number of devices. This is definitely an upgrade from the 5 to 7 device limit most providers allow.


Finally, we can give them one bonus point for their 7-day free trial that you get on Apple Store and Google Play Store. Careful, you’ll still have to put your credit card information, even though it won’t be charged. 

What’s not so great about Surfshark

Although Surfshark can unblock popular geo-restricted sites, do not count on it to deliver consistently fast speeds. Many unblocker apps slow down internet connections but the best ones set themselves apart by offering unlimited speeds and no bandwidth throttling. From our tests, this cannot be said of Surfshark.


Even when connected to servers closer to our location, the speeds were not so consistent in comparison to other providers we have tested. There are definitely better choices out there if you want an unblocker application for streaming or for other high-bandwidth activities.


Although Surfshark is a pretty popular multipurpose VPN, it still falls behind its peers when it comes to server distribution. This provider has about 1000+ servers but most of these are concentrated in the USA and Europe with the rest scattered in other countries.


It would not come as a surprise if you were unable to find a suitable server in your target location. The limited coverage also means that there aren’t that many server choices to switch to, for example, if Netflix detects and blocks you from using a certain server.


All in all, we’d rank Surfshark as a good enough software for general use but it might not be the best for serious streaming and torrenting due to the inconsistent speeds.

Speed without VPN*
Speed with US server
Speed with UK server


From 5.50$/month

60 countries

+1500 servers



Money-back guarantee

Pros and Cons

Not many VPNs are quick to encourage torrenting but is an exception. With a huge number of servers optimized for P2P, this is an excellent pick for torrenters. Disappointingly, will not unblock Netflix in spite of positioning itself as a premium application.

What’s great about does not come cheap and it is not one of the biggest providers in the market. But, there is a reason why up to 5 million users term this as their VPN of choice. Security is their main selling point. For one, this provider is located in Malaysia, which is outside the 14-Eye countries. It also maintains a very strict no-logs policy.


Like most premium services, it supports the standard encryption protocols, including OpenVPN and switching between each protocol is a breeze. The app also protects against IP, DNS, and IPv6 leaks, so you are sure of the privacy and safety of your online activities. doesn’t have the widest server coverage but out of those that are available, a good number of them are dedicated to P2P file sharing, which makes this provider ideal for privacy-conscious torrenters.


Lastly, there’s a free version that offers just enough security and privacy for everyday browsing. However, since the data on the free plan is limited to 2GB per month, you’d need to upgrade to a premium plan for better speeds, especially if you wish to stream.

What’s not great about

For a service sold at premium prices, it is disappointing that does not support Netflix. We also tried to bypass other popular streaming sites including Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon to no avail.


One of the biggest reasons for using a VPN is to get around geo-restrictions. That fails to do this makes it a less appealing provider in comparison to other less pricey providers that consistently unblock Netflix. It goes without saying that is not worth a shot if you are looking for your streaming fix.


This app also does not live up to the hype where speed is concerned. Fast speed is the hallmark of a provider that’s worth its salt but this is definitely not one of this app’s strong points.

Of course, speeds will fluctuate depending on many factors but even after conducting tests in a span of several days, we were still not blown away by the speeds especially when streaming HD videos.


As mentioned this service is comparably expensive. The free plan comes with the standard security features and not a whole lot. Some cheaper services offer unlimited bandwidth and a higher device connection limit.


With, there is a 2GB bandwidth cap, which you will likely surpass fast. You are also limited to a measly three servers and one device connection. Even if you are on a budget, you might want to look elsewhere for better free providers with more features.

6. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is a well-liked privacy application in part because it has no restrictions on what you can do, its robust security features and support for torrenting. The speeds are impressive on the paid plans but you will have to pay way more than for some competitors.

What’s great about ProtonVPN

At face value, ProtonVPN seems like a decent contender. This provider packs on the usual security features including military-grade encryption, DNS leak protection, and kill switch. Also, true to its word, it does not store user data at all.


Other security features worth a mention include Always-on VPN, which ensures that you’re always connected to a server. It also has built-in support for Tor, making it an excellent choice for torrenters and those accessing the dark web.


Budget shoppers might appreciate the availability of a free version of ProtonVPN, which is a nice way to test the waters. Here, you get access to servers in only 3 countries and support for one device connection. This is obviously very barebones but there’s an option to upgrade to a paid plan.


We also like that you can save your preferred settings and servers for future use, which makes for great user experience for streaming buffs.

What’s not great about ProtonVPN

Although ProtonVPN is quite serious about security and privacy, it falls short on several fronts. First, the provider claims that the app can bypass geo-blocks but our tests revealed an entirely different scenario.


We tried severally to bypass Netflix but we were only able to do so on less than five servers. What’s worse is that it was a game of trial and error trying to figure out which servers to stream with. It wasn’t just Netflix we had a problem with; we couldn’t stream Hulu and BBC iPlayer consistently either. If you are going to pay top dollar for a VPN, it had better support consistent streaming and bypassing of geo-blocks.


In addition to this, the download speeds for the free version were nothing to write home about. It took us a little longer to download the app. To be precise, with some of our top picks, it takes an average of 20 to 40 seconds to download but we had to wait close to a minute and a half to download the ProtonVPN app on both desktop and mobile.


It’s not just the download speeds that were a deal-breaker; the network speeds did not blow us away either, in spite of connecting to both the US and Europe servers, which are supposed to be the fastest. We have come across free providers with impressive speeds, and this is not one of them.


Honestly, we are not crazy about this service. The security features are quite decent and it might be a good pick for P2P but that’s just about it. For a provider that’s quite pricey, we’d expect more in terms of server coverage and streaming performance.

7. HideMyAss

HideMyAss was once a people’s choice, especially for bypassing geo-blocks. However, it no longer scores too well in the face of stronger anti-VPN technology. Its location in the UK also raises eyebrows about its trustworthiness where the privacy of personal data is concerned.

What’s great about HideMyAss

HideMyAss (HMA) is among the oldest services and even though there are newer players in the field, HMA still holds its own.


It boasts relatively large server coverage a la premium VPNs such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN.


Most providers tend to concentrate their servers in Europe, the USA, and a bit in Asia while neglecting Africa and the Middle East.

With servers spread out in all six continents, HMA certainly outshines its peers on this front.


Server speeds are not the fastest, but they are decent enough to allow buffering-free streaming on select servers.

HMA also covers all bases when it comes to security features. You will find the usual repertoire including a kill switch, automatic IP switching, DNS leak protection, military-grade encryption, and an array of protocols including the most important one, OpenVPN.

What’s not great about HideMyAss

HMA does make a good impression with its stable speeds and strong stance on security. However, it falls short in key areas.


For one, this company makes bold claims about bypassing geo-blocks but this particular service is shaky at best.

We were able to bypass Netflix geo-blocks the first time we connected to a server in the USA.


However, on the second attempt, we just kept getting the infamous Netflix proxy error and could no longer stream on this site. The story was the same with other famous streaming platforms.


Streaming on these sites was extremely patchy and only possible with some servers.

Another issue that makes HMA less desirable is the fact that it is based in the UK.


The UK is an active member of the 14-Eye countries that allow intelligence agencies to spy on people’s online activities.

What’s more, this provider claims to have a no-log policy but they have historically stored some user data. 


In particular, you can expect HMA to store information such as your real IP address, the VPN address, timestamps of when you connect and disconnect from the app, and the amount of data you upload and download.

If push came to shove, HMA would probably give up users’ data in the face of pressure from government authorities.


This leads us to believe that this provider might not be an ideal choice if online privacy is a priority.

8. IPVanish

A considerably large server network is always a good sign especially if you need a privacy app for torrenting or streaming and IPVanish delivers here. However, we’re ranking this provider lower because they are located in one of the most privacy-unfriendly countries and have a reputation for giving access to users’ personal data. In other words, a huge deal breaker.

What’s great about IPVanish

IPVanish scores major points where server coverage is concerned. They boast over 1000 servers spread out in 70+ countries. What’s more interesting is that they own their servers, which minimizes the security threats that third-party-owned servers are usually exposed to.


Other than that, you will find the basic security features here including DNS leak protection, kill switch, and support for the major encryption protocols. The app also impressed us with its fast download and upload speeds, making it a decent choice for torrenting and streaming.


While some providers shy away from explicitly supporting P2P, IPVanish outwardly encourages users to use their service to torrent. This is definitely a boon for privacy-conscious torrenters.


Lastly, one of our favorite features of this VPN is that you can connect a whopping ten devices simultaneously. Compare that with premium providers such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN, which only support 5-6 simultaneous connections.

What’s not great about IPVanish

IPVanish falls behind its peers on various fronts. First, this provider is located in the USA, a jurisdiction that is not very keen on upholding privacy laws. Even though the company claims that they maintain a strict no-logs policy, it is frankly very difficult to entrust your online privacy and security to a provider operating out of the US.


Do not take our word for it though. IPVanish already has a track record of handing over users’ data to intelligence officials. Even though this happened way back in 2016, what’s to stop them from doing the same in the future? That they even had data to hand over means that their zero-logs policy is questionable.


Another downside with this VPN is that it does not unblock Netflix and other popular streaming sites. This is a huge deal-breaker, more so for a service that is quite pricey. The ability to bypass geo-restrictions is one of the things that make a VPN worthwhile after all.


All in all, IPVanish does not stack up to other providers based in privacy-friendly locations. So, if your online privacy and security is a priority, this might not be the best VPN in 2024. Plus, you will want to look elsewhere if you want an app that consistently unblocks Netflix, Disney+ or HBO.

9. Windscribe

Windscribe is a hidden gem for unblocking Netflix. It also has some nice advanced security features and a free, albeit bare bone plan, to boot. However, the frustratingly low speeds make this one of our least favorite providers.

What’s great about Windscribe

Windscribe has several good things going. For starters, budget shoppers might appreciate the free plan that comes with a generous 10GB monthly data limit but that’s just about it.

Where security features are concerned, Windscribe covers all bases. You will find an automatic kill switch, DNS and WebRTC leak protection, and top-tier encryption. Other advanced features include port forwarding, split tunneling, and an adblocker.

In addition to this, we love that this provider has availed apps for all major platforms and browsers, making it one of the most user-friendly services we have come across.

What stands out the most is the Windflix servers, which are dedicated to bypassing Netflix. We have to say that we were pleasantly surprised that this little-known VPN could unblock Netflix. That being said, we weren’t successful in bypassing Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Amazon using any of the servers.

Lastly, Windscribe is quite a decent choice for P2P. On the server list, you will see servers specifically earmarked for torrenting. This is also another surprising bonus for such a new provider.

What’s not great about Windscribe

When all things are considered, Windscribe is a far cry from a high-performing VPN. First, the download, upload, and network speeds are some of the slowest we have experienced.

The snail speeds persisted even after purchasing the premium plan and connecting to what are supposed to be the fastest servers in North America and Europe. Frankly, low speeds are not something you have to put up with when there are better options such as ExpressVPN and ProtonVPN that boast blazing fast speeds.

Something else we were concerned about is the fact that this provider is based in Canada, which belongs to the 14-Eyes surveillance group. There haven’t been any scandals involving Windscribe yet, but considering its jurisdiction, there is a real risk of your personal data being handed over to government intel officials.

Windscribe’s prices are in the middle range but longer-term plans are considerably pricey. The reason we bring this up is that for the prices they charge, you would expect faster speeds but this is obviously not the case.

We do not feel like this service offers real value for money and if you are not comfortable with the possibility of your data being spied on and even shared, this provider might not be the best VPN for private browsing.

10. Zenmate

ZenMate has an impressively decent server network with some of these optimized for P2P. It’s security features aren’t too shabby either. However, this app will not consistently bypass geo-blocks and it loses more marks for its location in Germany.

What’s great about ZenMate

ZenMate is a lesser-known VPN but it offers most of the features we have come to expect from a reliable provider.


It boasts military-grade encryption, supports top-of-the-class protocols, and comes with a built-in kill switch.


The speeds are nothing special but they are good enough for casual browsing and streaming. In fact, we successfully unblocked and streamed Netflix when connected to some US servers.


Torrenting buffs will also appreciate the availability of servers dedicated and optimized for P2P activity.


This, plus the relatively stable speeds, makes for good user experience.

What’s not great about ZenMate

Although ZenMate has a few good things going, it raises considerable concern. For one, this provider is located in Germany, which is a member of the 14-Eye countries.


If you opt for this app, you have to be comfortable with the possibility of your personal data being handed over to the authorities, if push came to shove.

Additionally, ZenMate collects some personal data, specifically users’ IP addresses. This is in spite claiming that it maintains a zero-logs policy.


Collection of IP addresses might not seem like a deal-breaker but isn’t a VPN supposed to completely anonymize your activities online?


Lastly, even though we were able to unblock Netflix, this is certainly not the best VPN for bypassing geo-blocks. The only servers that worked with Netflix were those in the USA.


Other than that, we were unable to unblock Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO and BBC iPlayer on any of the servers. Overall, if optimal privacy is important to you, we would recommend looking elsewhere for a VPN that has a true no-log policy.


Also, we would not really count on ZenMate to stream your favorite geo-specific shows—the service is patchy at best and non-existent at worst.

Why should you use a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network is your first and last line of defense in an online world that is increasingly unsafe and less private.

It hides your IP address, personal data, and online activity so anyone who might be looking, including hackers, your ISP, or the government wouldn’t be able to see the sites you are visiting or what you are doing on there.

What’s more, you definitely need one if you want to download torrent files safely. Merely visiting P2P sites exposes you to everything from spies, copyright trolls, and malware.

VPN software installed on your phone or desktop browser can shield you from such eventualities, allowing you to torrent privately and securely.

The final reason why you need a Virtual Private Network is to bypass censorship and geo-blocks.

If you are traveling to countries such as China or North Korea, an unblocker application is the only way to access most sites.

Want to unlock the US Netflix catalog? You definitely need a top-tier VPN for this too.

Which VPN to choose?

Virtual private networks are not all the same. Some are best suited for torrenting while others are perfect for streaming.


Factors such as optimized servers, speed, and security infrastructure come into play when assessing the performance and suitability of a Virtual Private Network.


Before choosing a provider, first, determine why you want it, to ensure the best user-experience.

Which VPN to choose for streaming?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming and it will open you up to a new world of entertainment. Popular streaming sites such as Hulu, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer have developed advanced software to detect VPN activity, which has made bypassing these sites harder.


ExpressVPN is one of the very few providers who have upped their game to be able to go around VPN-detection software. You can certainly depend on the app to consistently bypass the strictest geo-restrictions and to unlock everything from ITV, Zattoo, Crackle, ITV, and ESPN in addition to the other popular sites.


Other than that, it has enviably large server coverage spread out in 160+ locations so you are sure to find an appropriate server to connect to when streaming geo-blocked content.


ExpressVPN also offers unlimited server switches. This means it will regularly change server IP addresses to keep streaming sites from detecting that you are using a proxy to access their content.


When it comes to speeds, ExpressVPN does not disappoint. It is one of the fastest privacy software we have tested and with unlimited bandwidth, kill switch, and military-grade encryption, it is easy to see why this is the best VPN for streaming your favorite shows.

Which VPN to choose for torrenting?

A VPN is a must-have for any privacy-conscious torrenter but not every provider goes the whole hog in support of torrenting. Some simply do not have the infrastructure while others downright discourage it.


When looking for an application for torrenting, you want one that has a solid reputation for prioritizing privacy and security. It should also have blazing-fast speeds to keep the files coming quickly.


ExpressVPN fits the bill of a perfect provider for P2P file sharing. It has military-grade encryption, supports the top-tier OpenPV protocol, and is true to its word on maintaining a zero-logs policy. With this caliber of security features, you can breathe easy knowing that no one is spying on your torrenting activities.


Speed is crucial when picking a VPN for torrenting and ExpressVPN scores major points on that front. Some of its servers are specifically optimized for P2P, which is a major boon when it comes to download speeds. It also has unlimited bandwidth so you not only download files safely and privately but fast too.

Which VPN to choose for bypassing censorship?

A reliable Virtual Private Network makes it possible to bypass government censorship such as the Great Firewall of China. Not many providers can get around these strict blocks but ExpressVPN and NordVPN have proven to be top performers for unblocking Facebook, Google, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.


Both have huge server coverage with some of the servers located in neighboring Asian countries, with Hong Kong being a favorite server destination. This proximity plus the availability of multiple servers gives you plenty of options to connect to a server that will work to unblock your desired sites.


Additionally, NordVPN and ExpressVPN also have top-tier security features that encrypt your data so it will look like it is coming from a regular ISP server and not a Virtual Private Network. In particular, NordVPN has double encryption that offers an extra layer of privacy and security when accessing censored sites.


You also do not have to worry about your personal data being stored or leaked. Both services are popular for their formidable DNS and IP leak protection technology and have some of the strictest zero-logs policies we have seen.

Which VPN to choose for low prices?

If you are shopping on a budget, Surfshark is a decent choice especially if you are comfortable with a no-frills VPN for everyday use.


This provider covers all bases in terms of the standard security features we have come to expect. Here, you will get top-tier encryption, DNS leak protection, and a kill switch. Surfshark also claims to have a strict no-logs policy, which is always a much-welcomed perk.


The best part is that it can unblock Netflix—it’s easy! Just connect to any server in the world, including the US, to start streaming your favorite shows. It is also a good thing that you can bypass other popular sites including Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer.


Additionally, they have impressively large server coverage for a low-cost provider. Many of these servers are optimized for P2P, making this an excellent choice for privacy-conscious torrenters. Surfshark is also one of the best VPNs for budget shoppers as it supports an unlimited number of devices.


The cherry on top of an already awesome cake is that all its plans are backed up by a generous 30-day money-back guarantee, just in case you change your mind. All things being equal, Surfshark certainly gives you bang for the buck.

Which VPN to choose for best speeds?

Speed is the great equalizer where VPNs are concerned. Generally, privacy apps tend to slow down internet speeds but with the best ones, there will not be a considerable dip in speeds. Undoubtedly, fast connection is necessary for activities such as torrenting and streaming, so you want a provider that can live up to the task.



Our top picks for high-speed VPNs are ExpressVPN and ProtonVPN


Note that ProtonVPN has a free version but we tested the speeds and they were nothing special. That being said, we totally vouch for this provider’s premium packages that offer some of the fastest speeds we have tested. What’s more, you can connect up to 10 devices without any significant speed dips.



ExpressVPN is an exceptional choice when it comes to speeds. Its huge server coverage, unlimited bandwidth, and military-grade encryption allow for high-quality streaming and safe torrenting on a large majority of its servers. 



Yes, you might have to pay a little more for this provider, but for what you get in return, you will realize value for money.

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