About Us

Who is the monkey behind this website ? Who creates this amazing content for thousands of visitors everyday ? How many kilos of banana does a monkey eat everyday ? You must be wondering all this, of course !

We’re two 33 years-old entrepreneurs from the UK and the US who have made all their professional life in cyber-security. One of use worked as a Cyber Security Senior Manager (for obvious reasons, we can’t share the name of the company) when the other was managing the server network of a big UK-based company.

As we noticed that people were not aware enough of the risks of the internet, we decided to create this website, monkeyprivacy.com. We want to share everything we’ve learnt over the last 12 years and help everyone browse the internet securely.

Why a monkey ?

That’s a good question !

We both liked monkeys a lot and we thought that this clever animal could well represent the education we’re trying to bring to the market. Our monkey is always with us, telling us what we should write and playing around, jumping from threes to threes.

Our monkey really cares about sharing objective, honest and accurate information. All the tests we do on our website are real and you can be sure that we’re working hard everyday to keep all the information accurate and up to date.

As you may believe, we care a lot about being anonymous as we know how important it is to protect our data online. Therefore, you’ll never see our faces. Just call us MONKEYS !

What will you find on our website ?

Our monkey is very active and tries new VPN providers everyday for their functionalities.

Therefore, you’ll find many different things on our website :

  • In-depth reviews of VPN providers
  • Tutorials on how to best protect yourself on the internet
  • Tips to fully enjoy the advantages of VPNs
  • News of the industry