Trick to unblock and watch British TV in Switzerland (Working in 2024)

British TV in Switzerland

From skiing on the slopes to indulging in the finest Swiss chocolate to taking in stunning scenery, Switzerland has a great deal to offer. The country is a firm favourite of Brits but one thing that is missing is access to British TV channels. If you are thinking of taking a trip, you will be interested to hear about a trick to unblock and watch British TV in Switzerland. And it still works in 2024!

What is the trick to stream TV from the UK abroad?

The trick to gain access to British UK TV channels abroad is to sign up for a quality VPN.

It is also called Virtual Private Network and providers offer a range of plans, paid monthly, 6-monthly and yearly. Using a VPN, you can change your IP address to make it look as though you are still located in the United Kingdom.

Why do I need a UK IP address?

You need a UK IP address to access free and paid British TV channels in Switzerland, as streaming services know where you are located. They know this because all countries have a specific range of addresses.

When you try to visit and stream UK TV from such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub or My5, the IP of your device is noted. If the IP address is noted as being in Switzerland, you only see a notice telling you that you cannot access content outside of the UK.

A VPN gives you a UK IP address

The key to unblocking channels from the UK is to change your IP address and a Virtual Private Network helps you to do this. However, there are is a wide choice of providers and in the case of unblocking and streaming having a fast VPN is important.

ExpressVPN is the fastest on the market and perfect for streaming in HD, alternatives include NordVPN and CyberGhost.

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How to use a VPN to unblock and watch British TV in Switzerland?

So, how do you use a Virtual Private Network to beat the restrictions so you can access free TV in the UK while you are enjoying Switzerland? Simple, just follow the steps below.

1) Find a provider

First, decide on the provider you want to sign up with, then go ahead and choose a plan. The bigger the commitment you make the cheaper the plan.

For instance, if you choose the yearly plan with ExpressVPN you can save 49%. Alternatively, you can take out a 6-month plan or pay month-by-month.

Decide what apps you want to download

Next, head over to the download page and choose apps you want to download on the devices you will use to unblock and watch British TV in Switzerland.

Providers support a range of devices from Windows and macOS computers and laptops to Android and iOS devices and even routers. With a VPN installed on a router, you can enjoy the benefits on any device that connects to the internet through it.

So, go ahead, download and install apps, then move on to the next step.

Launch the app and choose a UK server

Finally, launch the app on your device and use the dashboard to choose a server.

To stream British TV channels live while in Switzerland it is important that you choose a server from the United Kingdom. This will give you an IP address to fool the streaming service into thinking that is where you are located.

ExpressVPN offers a range of fast UK servers, any of which are perfect for HD streaming without annoying buffering.

UK Servers ExpressVPN

All that lefts to do is connect to the server of your choice, your IP address from Switzerland is masked and you have one from the United Kingdom. It now looks as though that is where you are located so you bypass the restrictions.

You can now launch ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer, My5 or any other UK TV streaming website and enjoy your favourite British television programs while being in Switzerland.

More benefits to a VPN

Along with being able to unblock TV channels from the UK, you can also use the Virtual Private Network to watch US Netflix. Netflix is one of the most difficult streaming services to unblock but ExpressVPN, NordVPN and CyberGhost manage to do it.

You can also use a Virtual Private Network for security and anonymity. With your IP address masked, no one can find out your true location.

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When you are behind an encrypted tunnel, no one can read any information you send over the internet. This includes hackers or cybercriminals and even your own ISP.

If ISPs cannot read the names of the websites, they cannot block them. This way you can get around censorship, both at home or when abroad.

A Virtual Private Network can even help you to make savings on flights and hotel rooms. All you have to do change your IP address to one from a region with lower cost of living than your own then compare prices using a comparison website.

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