How to Watch Hallmark Live Anywhere Outside of the United States?

Watch Hallmark Outside US

If you are currently abroad, and you want to watch Hallmark Live, then you will need an effective solution to access the blocked channel. The fact that you are currently outside of the US doesn’t have to mean you should miss out on your favorite TV shows. In order to help you, we will discuss the most effective solution for this issue, as well as highlight a couple of options you might be comfortable with.

What is Hallmark?

Launched back in 2001, the Hallmark TV channel is now owned by Crown Media Holdings that is a subsidiary to Hallmark Cards Incorporated. With a memorable slogan The Heart of TV, Hallmark has stood for years as one of the most popular TV channels for family programming.

It has its headquarters in California, and more than 85 million subscribed households just inside the United States. As for its competition in terms of programming, we would say that INSP, as well as FeTV, can be considered the most relevant.

Hallmark does have several sister channels that you might want to unblock, too, including Hallmark Drama and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.

Popular Hallmark TV Shows

Some of Hallmark’s most popular shows include Home and Family, as well as When Calls the Heart, not to mention all the mystery movies!

Cedar Cove is one of the first Hallmark original TV series. We do think that Spring Fever, WinterFest, and Fall Harvest are also worth mentioning.

Hallmark Live Error Message – Why Does It Appear?

Among the most common questions is why you can’t access Hallmark Live while outside of the United States. Well, the main issue is licensing that is set by the channel provider.

Thus, because you are currently not registered as a US subscriber (due to your IP address), you will encounter an error message that will block all channel content. This is where a VPN comes in handy.

How Can a VPN Help?

You have probably heard of a VPN before, but you are not sure about what it is. To help you understand the meaning of VPN, we would define it as an internet privacy service, that will allow you to bypass common geo-restrictions and access unlimited content including TV channels and other streaming platforms

The reason that a Virtual Private Network is a better choice compared to a proxy is that apart from the bypassing ability, you will also enjoy anonymous browsing, without the risk of your privacy getting compromised.

If you want to understand how a VPN works, then we suggest you visualize a tunnel. In essence, at point A is your original IP address that is outside of the US, while at point B stands the alternative location.

By tunneling your connection to a sever set inside the USA, you go through the restriction and unblock Hallmark and other censored content.

ExpressVPN tunnel

As long as you subscribe to a reliable Virtual Private Network, it is quite simple. But how to recognize one? Well, that is something we will discuss down below!

How to Unblock Hallmark Live Outside the US Easily?

Gaining access to Hallmark content abroad using a VPN is much simpler than most people would think. Here are the easy steps to get you going:

  1. Subscribe to one of the VPN provider below and download the app
  2. Sign into the app using your log in details
  3. From the available servers list, choose one based in the US and connect
  4. Visit the Hallmark website (, sign up or sign in to your account
  5. Start streaming your favorite content from abroad.

And that is all there is to doing it!

Best VPNs to Watch Hallmark Abroad

While traveling, the main thing that you should focus on is exploring the country and seize the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the new culture. However, we do understand that in the free time, you might want to relax and watch some of your favorite family shows.

A reliable Virtual Private Network should be featuring a server park of at least a couple thousand servers, fair leak protection, a set of tunneling protocols as well as industry-standard encryption to keep you safe.

We would not recommend you a free VPN because they are too slow, but lucky for you, there is a couple we consider to be just up to the task.


ExpressVPN geo-restriction

For this issue, the best option is ExpressVPN, which is a global service highlighted by more than 3,000 servers anywhere in the world. It is important to note that this provider ensures optimal customer satisfaction by focusing on no-log privacy policy.

It also has a set of tunneling protocols and 256-bit AES encryption, which stands as the industry standard. The fact that this VPN offers fast, reliable servers and that you shouldn’t encounter huge speed drops make it a worthy choice.

We had stress-free experiences with the servers in the US, and thus ideal for streaming Hallmark Live in HD. This is something that not many VPNs can provide.

Yes, ExpressVPN does come at a somewhat higher price than our other two options, but looking at the speed, performance, and security aspect, you will not regret the investment! Sign up or find out more here:

Visit ExpressVPN >


Unblock Streaming CyberGhost

CyberGhost is one of the most reliable options, considering it has thousands of servers in more than 190 countries. Not only were we satisfied with the speed, but also the fact that encountering connection failures or time out is almost impossible.

Keep in mind that this will allow you to enjoy both a stress-free experience, and you won’t have to worry whether your true IP location will be revealed.

If you are outside of the USA and want to access popular streaming sites, you won’t have an issue, given the excellent connectivity and global coverage.

Also, this provider is extremely affordable and comes at a price of $2.75 per month for a 3-year subscription plan.

Visit CyberGhost >


NordVPN security

While the VPNs mentioned above seem to offer exceptional performance, we have yet to suggest the Reddit favorite. For the past few years, it is NordVPN that has been considered one of the best providers on the market.

This is for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it offers over 5,500 servers, including those set in the US, the UK, Australia, Asia, the Middle East, and South America. Along with this, it’s no-log policy, as well as its Panama-based jurisdiction, make it a worthy choice.

We were most happy to find out that all the innovative features come at an extremely affordable price. Doing a review of their paid subscription options, we found that their 3-year plan is your best bet. If you decide to subscribe to this option, you will be paying $3.49 a month and getting all the benefits of secure, reliable, effective VPN service.

In our opinion, NordVPN offers a perfect example of how to unblock popular TV channels, including Hallmark Live. User-friendly, compatible with all devices, and ensuring optimal performance, it will satisfy all needs of an average internet user. Find out more about this top VPN by clicking below:

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Wrap Up

This is all to say that while you may be annoyed by a blocked when accessing Hallmark Live, it is not the reason to put out a white flag.

By subscribing to one of the virtual private networks mentioned above or finding an alternative that suits your budget and preference, you will be able to bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy your favorite TV shows outside of the United States!

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