How to Access and Watch US Netflix from Portugal? [TESTED in 2024]

US Netflix from Portugal

There’s a good reason why streaming enthusiasts want to unblock Netflix US. Simply put, it’s the largest streaming catalog out there. Unfortunately, it’s US-exclusive, meaning that Portuguese residents can’t access it. On the brighter side, there’s a solution that will reliably work if you know how to apply it properly. So, how do you unblock and watch US Netflix when in Portugal? Keep reading to find out!

How to Unblock and Access Netflix US from Portugal?

Generally speaking, Portugal is one of the freest Europan countries in terms of internet access. While they can access social media sites, they’re no strangers to geo-restrictions. Geo-restrictions are types of restrictions based on your geographical location.

Living in Portugal means that you can’t access certain American streaming platforms, such as Netflix US. To do so, you’re either gonna have to move to the United States or change your online location somehow. The second solution is much cheaper and can be done in a few seconds when using a VPN.

This service alters your IP address, allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions. You can get a US IP address with a single click, allowing you to enjoy US-based streaming platforms easily. A VPN can also help you access Darknet safely – this is how powerful it is.

Here’s how to unblock US Netflix if you’re currently located in Portugal:

1. Get a VPN Subscription

Subscribing to a Virtual Private Network is a mandatory step. Otherwise, you can’t use it. The best choice for Portugal is ExpressVPN. It’s the fastest one and unblocks Netflix from ANYWHERE in the world.

Currently, it offers a 49% discount and 3 months free for a 12-month subscription plan, making it more affordable than ever.

2. Download and Instal the Apps

Did you buy it yet? If so, you need to download the apps you’re going to use. Install the app, open it, and sign in with the credentials provided upon purchase.

3. Connect to a US Server

Under the connection button, there’s a country that’s randomly-generated. Click on it to open the server list. Now scroll down and find the United States. Click on it and it’ll show you which servers are available.

Choose the server you want and use the connection button to connect to it. It’ll be done in a few seconds.

ExpressVPN activated

4. Enjoy Netflix US in Portugal

All you have to do now is connect to Netflix’s website and the US catalog will be available for you. As you can see, almost zero effort is needed.

ExpressVPN working with Netflix US

Best VPNs to Unblock and Watch Netflix US from Portugal

Unblocking this platform isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially if the provider isn’t capable of doing it. Therefore, we came up with the list of 3 best VPN choices for this purpose. Here it is:

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Netflix

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services to use in Portugal. It packs 3,000+ servers in 94 countries, allowing you to swiftly bypass geo-restrictions as you want. Speaking of that, it unblocks US Netflix with ease, but also Disney+, HBO GO, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Speed-wise, this is the fastest choice, and that’s very important for streaming. This means that you’ll encounter no buffering or stuttering, leaving you to enjoy The Witcher or Breaking Bad on your lazy Sundays. ExpressVPN is also very secure. Apart from 256-bit AES encryption, you get a kill switch and split tunneling.

Furthermore, it doesn’t store any logs, leaving no traces of your online activities. Lastly, it offers 24/7 customer support and up to 5 simultaneous connections on a single account. What more to ask for?

Unblock US Netflix from Portugal With ExpressVPN >

2. NordVPN

NordVPN security

Another amazing provider is NordVPN. This Panamanian giant has 5,700+ servers in 57 countries, making it great for unblocking different Netflix catalogs. Needless to say, the US catalog will work flawlessly, regardless of where you’re located.

The addition of SmartPlay is great. Apart from keeping you safe with its SmartDNS technology, it also gives you an amazing streaming experience. For that, we also have to thank its fast speeds, which Portuguese residents will value the most when trying to watch shows from the American catalog of Netflix.

NordVPN also has an ad-blocker and obfuscated servers, should you travel to China and want to bypass censorship. With up to 6 simultaneous connections and 24/7 customer support, NordVPN is a provider you don’t want to miss. Its value for the price is almost unmatchable.

Enjoy Netflix US in Portugal With NordVPN >

3. CyberGhost

Netflix with CyberGhost

When it comes to the value for the price, CyberGhost is also at the top of the ladder. This affordable Romanian provider comes with 7,000+ servers in 91 countries around the globe. It’s the largest one, but also among the best options on the market.

Size DO matters, as a large server network allows for easier bypassing of geo-restrictions and faster speeds. CyberGhost also comes with a reliable ad-blocker and dedicated servers for streaming and torrenting. Unblocking and watching Netflix US in Portugal will be a breeze with it, logically.

We like CyberGhost’s dedication to safety and security. It uses military-grade 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and gives you a zero-log policy. Everything you need is here and is being offered at a really affordable price.

Money-savers, this shall be your number 1 choice! 😉

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