How to Access and Watch US Netflix from Thailand? [TESTED in 2024]

US Netflix from Thailand

Enjoying a tropical climate in Thailand? Beautiful beaches, swamps, and nature – it’s all at your hand’s reach. In terms of internet access, this isn’t the best country around, as you can’t access some of the most popular streaming platforms. Unblocking US Netflix also isn’t something you can do… without some tools, at least. But, if you keep reading this guide, we promise you one very easy solution to this problem. Let’s see how to unblock US Netflix if you are (or plan to go) in Thailand.

How to Unblock and Watch Netflix US from Thailand

Unblocking Netflix US has been a debate since the inception of VPNs. People are concerned if it’s legal and if they’re going to end up in jail if they unblock it from another country. Let us clear the misconceptions – the use of a VPN is LEGAL.

This means that you can be in Thailand, for example, use this service, and watch Netflix US legally. Sounds good, right? Well, it surely does. Geo-restrictions are a pretty big problem nowadays and since they restrict content based on your geographical location, you need something to change your online location.

A VPN lets you do that easily. Simply connect to the server from another country and you’ll “fool” Netflix into thinking that you’re from that country. If it sounds like rocket science, don’t worry, our guide on how to do that is below:

1. Subscribe to a VPN

Subscribing to a Virtual Private Network can be done in a few minutes. But first, you need to know which one to get. Our suggestion is ExpressVPN. It’s the fastest one and overall, the best option out there.

2. Download and Install the Apps

Next, you’ll need to download and install the app from the VPN provider. Type in your credentials after running the app to sign in and proceed to the next step.

3. Connect to a Server in the USA

It’s time to change your online location now. Underneath the connection button, click on the randomly-generated country. The server list will now open, so scroll down and find the United States. Click on it and it’ll display all the servers available in that country.

Choose the one you want and use the connection button to establish a connection.

ExpressVPN activated

4. Unblock US Netflix from Thailand

With everything taken care of, all you need to do is to visit Netflix from Thailand and enjoy the American catalog.

Unblock Netflix US with ExpressVPN

Best VPNs to Unblock and Watch Netflix US from Thailand

With an overwhelming choice of VPNs on the market, choosing the one for your needs is bloody hard. But, our list of top three choices below should help you a lot. Here it is:

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Netflix

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Thailand. It offers the fastest speeds on the market, accompanied by supreme security and privacy. Speed-wise, the provider will give you an unforgettable streaming experience with no buffering and lagging.

Moreover, it unblocks every streaming platform on the internet, including American Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and many more. Those worried about security will like that ExpressVPN uses 256-bit encryption. If we couple it with a kill switch and IPv6 leak protection, we can see why it’s so secure.

ExpressVPN allows for up to 5 simultaneous connections on a single account, making it easy to protect multiple devices. Lastly, there’s 24/7 customer support at your service. It’s friendly and will solve your problems easily.

Watch Netflix US With ExpressVPN in Thailand >

2. NordVPN

NordVPN Streaming

NordVPN is a fantastic choice for those who want superb performance while watching US Netflix in Thailand… all at an affordable price. Sure, it’s not the cheapest provider, but as a long-term option, it’s the best out there. The provider has 5,700+ servers in 59 countries, allowing you to easily bypass geo-restrictions.

For people in Thailand, unblocking Netflix US will be a breeze, thanks to its SmartPlay functionality. Even better, NordVPN comes with CyberSec, an ad-blocker, and includes a new protocol called NordLynx. This protocol is based on WireGuard and gives you faster speeds and better security.

Speaking of security, NordVPN is a zero-log provider with military-grade encryption and an automatic kill switch. You get to connect up to 6 devices on a single account, and if you want to, you can connect it to your router.

Access and Enjoy US Netflix catalog With NordVPN >

3. CyberGhost

Unblock Streaming CyberGhost

When we talk about CyberGhost, we always mention how intuitive and cheap it is. It’s a rest haven for beginners, as you don’t have to dry out your wallet to buy it. Don’t let that fool you, though. CyberGhost is a highly-capable provider with 7,000+ servers worldwide.

It even has dedicated servers for Netflix and other streaming platforms, too. With them, unblocking and watching US Netflix from Thailand won’t be a problem. Furthermore, CyberGhost has an ad-blocker that will block out any annoying ads you can encounter.

And since it’s from Romania, you can rest assured that it keeps a strict zero-log policy. You don’t have to give a ton of money for a quality provider and CyberGhost is here to prove it. Heck, there’s even a 45-day money-back guarantee – who else is gonna give you that, huh?!

Get CyberGhost for Watching Netflix US in Thailand >

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