Why is bet365 Blocked in My Country ? What Can I Do ?

Why is bet365 Blocked

Gambling is perhaps one of the most fun activities a man can do. If you have local bookmakers or casinos in your town, you know what we’re talking about. However, this trend also translated to the online world, where online casinos and betting sites are more populated than ever. bet365 is one of the largest betting sites for sports betting. But, due to the sensitivity of gambling, it’s not available in every country. Let’s see why and what you can do about it, for example if you want to gamble on bet365 outside the UK.

Geo-Restrictions: What are They?

Restricting a website to a particular region is a common thing online. That is the case with many sites, such as Hulu, DAZN, 10play, and ABC. While bet365 isn’t limited to a single country, it still isn’t available in some of the major countries worldwide. Take a look at the image below:

Bet365 Supported Countries

These are the countries where the site is available. Although there are a lot of them, the USA is missing, for instance. It’s also not available in France, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Israel, Hong Kong, Haiti, and many more. Basically, if the country you are currently in isn’t on this list, you won’t be able to access the gambling site.

Why is it like that? Well, it’s because of the licenses. A certain online casino or betting site must have a license to operate in a particular country. Also, if a country strictly forbids betting in any way, shape or form, no betting sites can operate there, nor they can get a license.

Here, we don’t advocate accessing betting sites if betting is illegal in your country. Instead, we’ll just help you access the ones blocked only by geo-restrictions. Long story short, geo-restrictions appear because the service has or doesn’t have a license to operate in a particular country.

How Can a VPN Help?

If you’re one of our avid reader, you know that we promote VPNs as universal tools for safety and security. With this tool, it will be easy to unblock the website. It allows you to change your online location and access the site as if you were from some of the countries displayed above.

Because of that, having a fast VPN is always better but also the secure one, so that your IP or DNS doesn’t leak, exposing your identity. In the next section, we’ll see how to use it to access bet365 easily, especially if you’re currently abroad.

How to Access bet365 with a VPN?

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of the topic. We’ll use ExpressVPN to show you how to unblock this site from anywhere in the world. The steps are below:

1. Buy a Subscription

If you opt for a fast, secure, and easy to use Virtual Private Network, you can buy ExpressVPN’s subscription here. It’s the best provider in 2024 and our definite choice for this purpose. If not, take a look at the list after this guide and buy a subscription from the provider of your choice.

2. Download and Install the Apps

After the payment is verified, you’ll be prompted to download the respective apps. We guess you’ll be doing a lot of betting from the comfort of your home, and in that case, you can download Windows or Mac version.

Install the app, log in with your credentials, and the home screen will appear.

3. Connect to the UK Server (Or any Other Supported Country)

It’s time to connect to the server. Click on the country below the power button and choose the UK. Click on the power button to connect and wait a few seconds. Once the connection is established, move to the next step.

ExpressVPN connected UK

4. Enjoy bet365 in Its Full Glory

You can now access bet365 with a single click! Type in the address, press Enter, and voila – it should work! Be sure to always use a VPN when accessing it, so that the site “knows” that you’re from the UK or any other server you used.

Best VPNs to Access bet365

Let’s briefly glance over the best options for accessing this online betting site from outside the UK. Our small list is below:

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN unblock sites

ExpressVPN is the best VPN we have tested and as such, it’s our recommended option. It can bypass geo-restrictions and even give you access to Netflix from anywhere in the world. Needless to say, bet365 will work flawlessly, given how fast it is.

Security-wise, the provider also shines. You get a no-log policy, 256-bit encryption, DNS and IP leak protection, and split tunneling. There’s 24/7 customer support, so if you have any troubles, you can get help quickly.

With a 49% discount and 3 months free for a 12-month plan, this is the best option you can get.

Place Bets Safely With ExpressVPN >

2. NordVPN

NordVPN unblock website

NordVPN comes with a huge server network of 5,500+ servers. As such, it gives you plenty of options for accessing this site. It’s one of the most secure providers in 2024 and it’s working on iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac, which is all you need for your online betting adventures.

Similarly to the previous provider, it offers tons of features and fast speeds. You can use CyberSec as an ad-blocker, use it with Tor thanks to the Tor Over VPN feature, or take advantage of Double VPN. Being slightly cheaper, NordVPN is a great money-saving option.

Enjoy Betting With NordVPN >

3. CyberGhost

Anonymous with CyberGhost

If saving cash is your primary goal (not to mention the unblocking of bet365), CyberGhost is even better. It’s among the cheapest providers, especially when we talk about its 3-year plan. The provider has 6,200+ servers worldwide and 480+ of them in the UK for safely accessing bet365.

You’ll probably like its dedicated servers for streaming and torrenting, in case you want to take a rest from betting. In short, for the money, you can’t find a better provider. Speeds, security, and bypassing geo-restrictions, it’s all here for a dirt-cheap price.

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Despite the several options we mentioned, the best option for accessing this site is definitely ExpressVPN. It’s the only provider we tested that gave us 100% reliability, alongside NordVPN. But, with its enormous speed and ability to access blocked sites, we can’t help but recommend it right away.

Betting isn’t the best habit you can have but you can bet your money that ExpressVPN will work like a well-oiled machine!

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